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Fiona Kashel

Fiona is an international event rider who has been ranked in the top 100 BE riders for the last four years. She competes and produces horses up to advanced level as well as running the livery yard offering a wealth of experience looking after and caring for horses, ensuring each horse is settled and happy at all times.

Josh Levi

Yard Manager
We are very lucky that Josh has chosen to work at Ponds Equestrian. He offers a wealth of experience having run an Olympic event rider's yard for two and a half years. His attention to detail is second to none and he is very approachable. The horses' needs are always his priority. In addition to running the yard, he travels with Fiona to all the competitions. He is extremely enthusiastic and hard working and has high expectations of what the future holds. His ambition is to groom at the Olympics so Fiona better buck her ideas up!!!!

Amy Chittenden

Second Rider
Amy has worked with Fiona since 2015 and is proving to be a real asset to the team. She has shown the ability to ride at a high standard gaining some great results this year. She has taken over the reins of second rider and we look forward to her producing the horses and supporting Fiona in years to come.

Ashley Clegg

Second Rider
Ashley worked with Fiona at Mayor House Farm and we were all extremely excited when she decided to join us at Ponds Equestrian. She has teamed up with Amy as Second Rider as she has a huge amount of experience producing horses. She has an outstanding work ethic and her way with the horses is second to none.

Ava Fitzgerald

Ava joined us as a livery in 2014 and has been helping us out ever since! She has just completed a degree in Modern History and Politics at Cardiff University. We have now persuaded her to take on a full time role which we are thrilled about as she is a great team player and very popular among the staff and liveries. We look forwards to working with her in 2021.

Sophie Ramsay

Sophie worked for Fiona for six years. She then went to work as a Veterinary Nurse at Liphook Equine Hospital. She is now coming back to join our fabulous team and to show off her new skills she learnt while at Liphook. Sophie is a very hard working on the yard, professional and enjoys to take on responsibilities she also loves driving the tractor with many spaniels following!

Lauren Underhill

Lauren joined us in December 2016 as part of the government apprenticeship scheme. Lauren is our first apprentice. She has soaked up all the knowledge that we have been able to provide her and has become a vital member of our team. She is extremely hard working and is always keen to learn. She manages all the ordering on the yard and has recently passed her HGV and trailer licence. We are very lucky to have her.

Nadine Bartlett

Nadine has been with us since 2015 and we would be lost without her. She is a real asset to the team and always has a smile on her face. She has a lovely way with the horses who are all very fond of her.

Amber Harrison

Amber is the newest member of the team, taking on work experience with us in 2019. We have somehow persuaded her to become a full time member of staff and we've never regretted the decision! She is quietly confident around the yard with a positive and very efficient attitude towards any task given. She has a gentle approach with the horses and we all enjoy working with her.

Pippa Haslam

Pippa comes and helps us out on days she's not working hard at school or competing herself! She is a fantastic rider but also an extremely hard worker around the yard. She is always is fun, polite and communicates with everyone and will try her best at any task given to her.

Jane Morse

Team Administrator
Jane is actually Fiona's sister and thank goodness she is family as no one else would take on some of the tasks that Fiona sets her. She keeps the admin side running smoothly as well as being able to help with the yard, ride and basically do anything and everything that is needed. We are lucky to have her as part of the team.

Jenny Hadland

Equine Physio
Jenny started working alongside us at the beginning of 2018. She is a key element to our yard, ensuring all the horses are moving and feeling as comfortable and freely as possible. She is very approachable with an amazing eye for detail. We look forwards to the future working alongside her.

Sarah Helm

Sarah is from Shotter and Byers Equine Veterinary Services and has been our vet for nearly 10 years. All we can say is we would be lost without her! The lengths she goes to to make sure our horses are fit and well are indescribable. Her continued support is very much appreciated.

Joshua Driver

Josh has been our farrier for over 2 years and we can honestly say the horses’ feet have never looked so good. This has been backed up by complimentary comments from top trainers. He is very conscientious about each individual horse and we hope he continues to steal Fiona’s parking space for a very long time!