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We have been using the Equistro products for 7 years now and our horses could never be without them. They supply us with top quality supplements which have been formulated in a way to really help each and every horse with their individual needs.

Here are some of the products we use and why.

Megabase - This is a general vitamin and mineral supplement given to all the competition horses. This allows them to do their job knowing they aren’t lacking in the necessary nutrients.

Biotin - This is also a supplement we are very fond off and also given to all of the horses to help maintain their hoof quality and foot soundness. When we introduced this product we could visibly see the difference in the hoof growth.

Flexadin - A supplement we give to the older or more experienced competition horses. This helps promote joint health and is used as a preventative for future joint problems.

Equiliser - We swear by this product to help take the edge off an excitable horse. It is given 3 days before and on the day of a competition and allows the excitable horse to become more relaxed and rideable in an electric atmosphere.

Azodine - This is given throughout the competition season for horses in hard work. It replaces the salts and nutrients lost throughout the fast work and allows them to recover quickly after a big gallop.

SecretaPro Max - This is given to one of our advanced horses who struggles with his breathing after a fast gallop. His respiratory recovery is noticeably better now after a big competition.

Please click on the link for more information.


We are super excited to announce that Fiona Kashel is now being sponsored by Wright’s Horsebox and Vehicle Maintenance.

CJ Wright has over 15 years experience specialising in large vehicle mechanics and electronics. He maintains, services and repairs all horseboxes and trailers.

Please check out their website.


Gain Horse Feeds

Fiona is now part of the sponsored riders programme for GAIN horse feeds. She looks forward to seeing the results that Gain Horse Feeds have on the horses #onthegaintrain!


Our very valued physiotherapist, Jenny Hadland, has been working with us for over a year and decided to get more involved by offering us sponsorship!

Jenny has made a significant difference in the horses’ way of going and wellbeing. She has an amazing way with them and can identify a problem before we have told her there is one!