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Chomp was bought on a brief visit to Ireland in the summer of 2015. Fiona was with a client looking at a completely different horse when he caught her eye. He is a lovely character who seems to love life! He was very green so spent all of 2016 learning his trade, competing in lots of unafiliated events and one affiliated where he was second with a 26 dressage and double clear. 2017 was very educational. He is so supple that he finds it much easier to go sideways than in a straight line. He gained some great results throughout the year, very rarely being out of the top 10. However when asked to do more combinations, his head would turn and body would follow a split second later by which point he was past the fence he was meant to be jumping. If you got him to the fence he would never stop. He finished the season gaining his first point at Gatcombe in the Novice. 2018 was an educational year for Chomp he gained some great results at Novice rarely being out of the top 10 and winning at Smiths Lawn. He is now in Intermediate points. He shows great promise, proving to be brave, scopey and careful. Fiona is very fond of him and has high hopes for his future so is in no rush with him.